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Frequently asked questions

Does the photobox print the photos immediately?
Yes. The photobox prints 2 photo strips or 1 photo depending on what frame you choose

How long do I have to wait for a CD with the photos?
You will receive the CD from the photobox immediately after your event ends. The photos can also be sent electronically.

What is the online gallery?
Within 3-5 working days after your event all the photos are posted on our website in a special, password-protected gallery. Only you and your guests can access them. You can also make the photos accessible on the funpage of in a special gallery.

What is the photobox made of? Is it a professional device?
The photobox is made of professional components to ensure top quality of the photos. The most important component is the digital single-lens reflex camera from Canon, well-known to those who love taking photos. The photobox has an elegant appearance and matches the decoration used for every event.

What are the technical requirements for renting the photobox?
The photobox needs 3m x 4m free space, 230V power supply, and a roofed space if the event takes place outdoors.

Do I pay for the assembly?
If you rent the photobox for example for 3 hours (e.g. from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.), it will be ready at 7:45 p.m., and we will start the disassembly at 11:10 p.m. You pay only for the time of use, not for the assembly or the number of printed photos.

Do you charge extra for the transportation?
Each rental package includes a certain transportation range that is free of charge. If the event takes place beyond that range, we charge 0,50 €/1 km.

Will there be service on site?
Yes. An assistant is always there. He makes sure that the photobox works fine during the event, explains to the guests how to operate it, and provides technical support.

How do I book the photobox?
To book the photobox, you have to sign an agreement and pay an advance in the amount of 20%. Through that you ensure that the photobox will be at your disposal on a given day. The rest of the money due is paid during the event. We issue invoices.

Can I put my company logo/ names/ a special message on the photo strip/frame?
Yes. Each photo strip from the photobox can be personalized by adding a unique logo, a slogan, or a message. You can put on it anything you like.

Can I order the photobox with a different background?
Yes. We offer our customers several backgrounds to choose from. You can choose from several patterns to adjust the background to the decorations and the colour of the space where the event is organized. For an extra charge we may also prepare a special background.